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Best Camping: Greece
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Rent a bed in our Youth Hostel Tents and in Camp Tents!

Specially designed Youth Hostel Tents are available for young people - a comfortable and economical way of enjoying an alternative holiday by the sea.
Armenistis Camping - Ενοικιαζόμενα τροχόσπιτα και τροχοβίλεςYouth Hostel Tents

These large tents provide everything in the way of high-quality, comfortable accommodation. Each tent has 8 beds and lockers for your luggage. In front of the tents you will find a barbeque area, fridges and a shaded area where you can relax. The facilities are kept scrupulously clean and we are confident that you and your friends will enjoy an unforgettable stay.


Each tent has:
Lockers for personal belongings Barbeque area
Fridges A relaxation area
Parking space WIFI on demand
Camping Map

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Camping Map